Service NSW – Digital Driver Licence

Jan. 24, 2021


Adrián Deccico

The Digital Driver’s Licence (DDL) is the electronic version of the NSW Driver Licence available through the Service NSW app.

The holder application and other microservices serving the requests for the Digital Driver’s licence are hosted in an EKS cluster inside the AWS infrastructure of Service NSW.

Darumatic worked with Sabine Deloffre, DDL Principal Product Manager and Rahul Dutta, Director for Digital Products, Identity & Access from Service NSW to architect, automate and secure this platform.

The work involved migrating from another government organisation into the AWS Cloud but also to re-think and enhance the infrastructure, monitoring, auditing and security controls. Making the platform secure, highly available and with clear checks and balances.

The application architecture has been subject to several security reviews and Darumatic assisted and implemented tight security requirements within and outside AWS.

Apart from setting up the release management, database, monitoring and infrastructure platform to deploy the application to EKS, Darumatic was also involved in integrating the DDL backend with other government agencies and systems such as Apigee as the API Gateway, Splunk for logging, New Relic for monitoring and a physical HSM for signing and securing the license data.


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